killeen texas jnaitorial For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How does Friendly Folks handle problems?
A: We have very few problems with our customers, but when one does arise, we are “johnny on the spot”. We are not afraid or hesitant to face an issue. To avoid problems, we plan in advance. First with fine quality service, we also provide a Comment Book in a convenient locale for our customer and invite their input. Our cleaners look and respond daily if issues are mentioned in the book. Most important, we practice Supervisor and Owner inspections of the premises on a regular basis. Although we do not interfere with our customers work day, we are not one to “get contract signed and drop out of sight” as we are told some owners do.

Q: How long a contract is required for our service?
A: We are very different than most companies in this regard; we have no long term contract, we ask only if we are not pleasing our customers, that we be given 30 day notice only. We tell our clients that we want to “grow old together”.

Q: What makes you different from other companies?
A: We practice “old school values” and we do more than expected, rather than less like some other companies.

Q: How do you train your employees?
A: Supervisors work side by side with them for many days, until our standards become “second nature” to them. At that point they are given an assignment and coached/inspected by a team leader.

Q: How do you know the Cleaners are performing per requirements?
A: Inspections, inspections and more inspections. Our owner says “inspections are the key to success in the cleaning business.”

Q: What are your rates?
A: FFCS does not charge the cheapest rates in town(cheap rates result in shoddy work) . Our rates are fair and reasonable and usually set by your budget.

Q: Do you carry Workman’s Comp?
A: Yes, almost all cleaning companies do not – We do!