Central Texas Janitorial ServicesWelcome to Friendly Folks Cleaning Service! We specialize in Central Texas Janitorial Services.

As a long-time commercial cleaning company serving Bell, Coryell, McLennan and Williamson Counties we know how hard it is to find the right commercial cleaning company.

There are so many local cleaning companies to choose from, and at times, you do not know where to start. The fact that you wound up here tells me you are still looking, that’s great because I believe you will like what you see and this will be the last stop in your search.

Local, Professional Company With Local Employees & Supervision 

We are a family owned “friendly” operation, that values good old fashioned hard work over a bunch of fancy slogans, that do not mean very much. Our only goal is to make you happy you chose us to meet your commercial cleaning needs.  If we can do that, everything else takes care of itself.

When you choose our local cleaning company you can count on us to do the following:

  • Bonded and insured.
  • Offer you reasonable rates.
  • We’re a local business you can trust.
  • Our cleaning staff is highly trained and professional.
  • Be on time and get the cleaning done right.

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If your business, office or home hasn’t been cleaned in some time, our free deep cleaning offer is an excellent way to get the cleaning done to our professional standards!

Get Central Texas Janitorial

Ready to get started with our Central Texas Janitorial Service? If so, contact us today by calling (254) 773-0400 or CLICK HERE to connect with us through our website.

We Specialize in Church Cleaning

We Also Specialize In Church Cleaning!

Is your church looking for a reliable Central Texas Janitorial company? You can count on Friendly Folks Cleaning service to keep your church sparkling clean and ready for each Sunday service.

Think of our janitorial service as an “extension” of your ministry and an asset you can rely on to take care of all janitorial duties so your church staff can focus on local outreach, missionary work and everything you do for the community.

We provide quality Central Texas Janitorial services for churches in Waco, Temple, and the entire Central Texas area.

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We specialize in Apartment Cleaning

We Make Apartment Cleaning Easy!

Do you own apartment buildings in Waco, Temple or the surrounding area? You can count on us to clean your apartments and get them ready for new tenants.

We will clean the first apartment for FREE! ($150 value!)

Our Central Texas Janitorial company is bonded and insured. We can also provide you with local references and excellent rates.

Save the time, money and hassle of cleaning your apartments yourself, or hiring a company from out of town to clean your apartments. Choose the local cleaning professionals to clean your apartments for you and simply this aspect of your business.

When you choose us for your cleaning needs you can count only having local people, local suppliers and local inspectors working on cleaning your business.

We are always inspecting our accounts because we have a commitment to quality and doing an excellent job every time!